Learning Support

Students who experience difficulties in basic areas of learning are supported through our Learning support programs. Children may receive additional assistance in literacy, numeracy and English as a Second language and motor skills. The regional Learning Support Team assists with the identification of a learning difficulty to ensure that the educational needs of your child are being met.

Early Literacy

Improving literacy outcomes for all learners is a priority for our school, ensuring our children maximise their opportunities to participate in their current and future environments. The vision is that all children are competent communicators and effective participators. This can be enabled through effective literacy teaching and learning. Our Early Years Literacy Program provides proactive, intervention focussing on improving the literacy skills, dispositions and outcomes of all young children. As well as providing quality Literacy Learning support to children the Early Years Literacy Program provides resources, professional learning and materials to assist educators to increase children’s literacy engagement and achievement


The English as an Additional Language or Dialect program is designed by staff who understand the needs of students from a non-English speaking background. We have many students from overseas who enrol in our school. Children who do not speak English are enrolled in a New Arrivals Program at Gilles Street Primary School. Once these children have achieved a reasonable proficiency in speaking and writing English they can enrol in our school if they are within our enrolment zone. Those children who are learning English as a second language are provided some additional teacher support for as long as they require it.

Motor Skills

All children enrolling in our school in reception are screened for their level fine and gross motor skills. Those children who require refinement of these skills are provided with some targetted additional support. .