Music is taught through practical hands-on activities, which help students to develop creative and powerful ways to express themselves. Children in all years engage in specialist music teaching each week. When students are given the opportunity to respond to, reflect on and analyse music pieces, they develop a critical appreciation of their own work and that of others. As students consider the contexts in which music is heard and created, their awareness is sharpened and they’re able to use more techniques in their own compositions The curriculum framework for music is organised through three strands: Arts practice Arts analysis and response Arts in contexts

Instrumental Music

We offer tuition for 3 instruments including keyboard, drums and guitar. These are taught by private tutors. The lessons conducted by private tutors are user pay. Contact the school office if you are interested in your child learning an instrument and we will put you in touch with the appropriate tutor. 


Children from years 3 and 4 can choose to join Junior Choir. Songs are selected to help students understand the vocalization of pitch, tempo, dynamics, form and texture. Students also develop an understanding of choral conventions including canon, split parts and harmony. The choir is given many opportunities to perform particularly at school functions. Our Junior Choir has over 50 students participating and helps them to develop skills to join the Senior Choir.

Senior Choir is comprised of approximately 40 students from years 5 and 6 who choose to particpate. The Senior Choir performs with the Festival of Music in September at the Adelaide Festival Theatre with over 400 students from public schools across the State.


Visual Arts

A vibrant Visual arts program gives students the opportunity to develop a strong aesthetic appreciation and skills in a range of media. The school environment is enhanced by their creative work. We are fortunate to have one of the best visual arts programs of any Primary School in South Australia.  All children receive 50 minutes of specialist art per week and the children experience a range of visual arts activities including painting, pottery, sculpture, collage, drawing, printmaking to name a few. Each year, as part of the Visual Arts programme, we employ a professional artist to work for a series of weeks across the whole school. Recent Artists have included a printing specialist, photographer and a sculptor.