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It is expected that all children will wear the school uniform.

We believe that a school uniform contributes to:

  • Whole school unity and individual feelings of self worth through such unity;
  • The provision of a supportive school environment by reducing levels of competitive dressing;
  • The realisation of social justice by relieving parents of pressures to purchase high cost, brand name clothing for school wear;
  • Positive visibility of NAPS in the wider community.

Therefore we will support the wearing of school uniform by:

  • Through extensive consultation with our school community (students and parents), the following school uniform can be ordered through the online QKR app which you will need to download. 
    Unfortunately due to COVID, the uniform shop is closed at this time.
  • Positive staff and community support for school uniform;
  • Taking steps to eliminate dress-based harassment;
  • Inclusion of a broad range of non-brand named clothing in the dress code;
  • Regular review of the school uniform in consultation with students, parents/caregivers and staff;
  • The yearly provision of an exclusive Class of Garment for year 7 students.

Winter Range

Navy Blue trousers (no jeans)

Bomber jacket from the uniform shop

Red/Blue windcheater with white logo

Red/blue/white skivvy

Red polo shirts with collar and logos. (Collars may be plain or, if purchased from the uniform shop, will have contrasting stripes).

Navy Blue school bucket hat (with reversible Sports Day colour)

Shoes suitable for physical activity

Red polar fleece windcheater

Summer Range

Navy blue shorts unisex

Navy blue trousers

Red shirt with collar and white logo (collars may be plain or if from Uniform Shop have contrasting stripes)

Blue & White check dress

Navy blue skirts for girls

Navy blue school bucket hat (with reversible Sports Day colour)

Shoes or sandals suitable for physical activity.

Children, who want to play in the sun, are required to wear a school hat during play and P.E. times and are available from the school Uniform Shop.
No hat means no play. Children will need to sit in the shade of the (western) Peppercorn tree.

Summer Footwear
When selecting summer footwear for your child to wear to school, ensure that it will provide protection from injury during sport and play time activities.  Thongs, crocks and beach sandals do not provide foot care and protection.  These should not be worn.

The school policy is that in the summer months, children should wear clothing which provides some protection from the sun.  As a result, children should not wear the following to school: singlets, muscle shirts or summer dresses with little or no protection around the shoulders or neck.

Uniform Price List


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