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Enrolment Procedures

Enrolment – Zoning


North Adelaide Primary School is a zoned school with a Capacity Management Plan. We do not register families outside of our school zone.
Please click on this link to find your local zoned school:

Enrolling at North Adelaide Primary School – Please read the following information carefully.

North Adelaide Primary School is under constant enrolment pressure.  Due to a Departmental assessment in relation to our numbers being capped, a Capacity Management Plan has been put in place (reviewed annually). This means that there are changes to our enrolment procedures and that living in the North Adelaide Primary Zone does not guarantee enrolment at the school. Please click on this link to access the gazetted Capacity Management Plan pages 65-66 of the SA Government Gazette – 29 July 2021.

We DO NOT GIVE OUT ENROLMENT forms until an enrolment has been confirmed by the principal.

Reception Enrolment Enquiries - 2023 
We accept enrolment enquiries for preschool children who are 4 years of age and will be turning 5 prior to 1st May, 2023. Families who wish to register must provide the school with adequate proof of residency to the front office to go on the 2023 Register. Enrolment enquiries for 2023 have now closed.

2023 Reception enrolment enquiries closed on Friday 5th August, 2022 at 4pm.  If more than 46 applications for enrolment are received from parents living in the school zone by the beginning of week 3, term 3, places will be offered based on whether any, all or a combination of the following applies:

  • The child has siblings currently enrolled at the school,

  • The length of time the child has lived in the school zone

  • The distance of the child’s residence from the school

  • Other personal needs such as curriculum, transportation/location convenience, social/family links at the school.

Families will be notified of the outcome of this process by end of week 7 Term 3 (9 September 2022).  Unsuccessful applicants will be referred for enrolment to other neighbouring schools.

Families who move into the school zone or who are already living in the school zone but lodge their application for enrolment after the end of week 8, term 3, will only have their applications considered if or when vacancies exist, with priority consideration afforded to those applicants already on the school’s enrolment register.


2022 – 2023 Year 1 – 6 Register for a Vacancy
We have now reached capacity for 2022 in most year levels. Enrolment enquiries from parents of perspective students living inside the school zone will be considered if or when vacancies exist, with priority consideration afforded to those applicants already on the enrolment register. If a family has provided us with adequate proof of residency (see below) we will complete an enrolment enquiry form and add your child/ren’s name to our register. If a place becomes available we will contact you.

All information listed below must correlate with the parents of the child. We will not accept proof of residency whereby the residence is in another persons name ie: parent or grandparent.

Owner – must reside at the property

  • A current North Adelaide City Council Rates Notice or Property Purchase Agreement

  • A recent gas or electricity bill for that property

  • A current drivers licence showing the same name/address details as the property.

Rental Property – must reside at the property

  • A Rental Contract which must extend 12 months beyond the date of your child commencing school

  • A Bond Receipt registered with the Consumer and Business Services Tenancies Board

  • A recent gas or electricity bill for that property

  • A current drivers licence/s showing the same name/address details.

Child’s Birth Certificate or Passport
In addition we require a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport to verify proof of age.

Subsequent Siblings
There is no automatic entry for students who live outside the school’s zone and have older siblings who currently attend the school.

Visa Papers
If you have immigrated to Australia, please provide us with your Visa papers and Visa Number.

If your child has limited oral and written English, we expect that they attend an Intensive English Language school to develop their English proficiency. The zoned IELC schools for North Adelaide Primary School are Gilles Street Primary School and Kilkenny Primary School.


Once residency has been confirmed, you will receive a Registration of Interest form which will need to be returned to the school at your earliest convenience. Documents can be emailed to the school at:, or brought into the office. 

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