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The Governing Council is a legally incorporated body responsible for school governance and is a vehicle for consultation, co-ordination and cooperation, to ensure that the best possible decisions are made for children. It has an advisory, management and accountability role to the school community.

The Governing Council is responsible for:

  • setting strategic goals
  • determining School Policy
  • delegating powers, and
  • reviewing how well these goals are being achieved.

The Principal manages the school within the local policy parameters set by the Governing Council and the statewide policy parameters set by DECD.

  • providing and maintaining an overbiew
  • developing and reviewing School Policy
  • providing strategic direction and planning
  • reviewing and monitoring progress.

The Governing Council Constitution (2007) sets out in detail the basis for, structure and functions of Governing Council.



The Finance Advisory Committee is a key advisory group to the Council, with the responsibility to provide oversight in the establishment and close monitoring of the schools budget, in order to maximise delivery of the schools' educational program.

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

The OSHC Advisory Committee is an advisory group to the Council, with the responsibility to provide oversight in the establishment and close monitoring of the OSHC budget, in order to maximise delivery of the Before, After School and Vacation Care Programmes. It also has responsibility for policy development and the oversight of quality assurance processes.


Governing Council usually meets twice each term in weeks three and eight, on Mondays, from 6:30pm till 8:30pm in the school library.

Minutes of meetings are available in the front office.


Parent representatives are elected for terms of two years at the school AGM held in term one.  The 2022 Governing Council is:

Name                                   Position                      Term Expires

Ben Walters                         Head Chair                  2023

Petria Ladgrove                   Deputy Chair               2024

Adam Carpenter                  Treasurer                     2023

Jo Mitchell                           Secretary                     2023

Bree Martin                                                              2023

Lina Kontopoulos                                                     2024

Kelly Bridge                                                              2024

Anubha Sinha                                                          2024

Glenn Bain                                                               2024

Jordan Bell                                                               2024

Rachel Brice                                                             2024

Michelle Torantani                                                     2024

Djordje Stefanovic                                                    2024

Negin Mirriahi                                                           2023

Ali Vessali                                                                 2023

Julie Sweetman                                                        2023

Contacting Governing Council

Governing Council may be contacted directly via email by contacting the school for the Chairpersons email address or by post c/- the school.


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